The Wildebeast Migration ” 7th Wonder of the World”

Wilderbeast Migration 2
The grass is brittle, the rivers are flowing. The currents are rushing, the ground is shaking. I can hear them. They are restless. They wait around in uneasy circles, look out into the endless horizon, sniff the air for wild scents. No one dares take that first step to the other side. But the new grass IS on the other side. Temptation is strong. Hunger calls… So be it! Throwing caution to the wind, one of the shaggy “beasts” makes the leap into the unknown, and so it begins …The great migrating cycle of the Serengeti – Mara eco system. The high season is here. Dramatic kills! Exciting chases! Enthralling river plunges! The wild is calling us like the cry of a cub wanting its mother.

Feel the wildbeest migration and hear it! These creatures mould the eco system as they run from one to the other. Their hooves crop grass. Their droppings fertilize the land, and they are protein for many predators.

I was in Masai Mara early this month and caught a feast! What a thrill to be the only vehicle to witness to such a magnificent moment!

The Feast


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